I know, It's weird, I'm only just starting and I've already got some series regulars to share! So, heeeeere they are!

Zippy "Gemstone" Meister
Age: 15 (current)
Weapon: Dual Wooden Swords (current)
Home: Emerald Valley Martial Swordplay Dojo
The older Meister brother, Zippy is known for his cocky yet fun-loving attitude. His best area is speed, and he is gifted with a high jumping ability.

Isaac "Cobalt" Meister
Age: 13 (Current)
Weapon: Large Wooden Sword
Home: Emerald Valley Martial Swordplay Dojo
The younger Meister brother, also the more level-headed. He is actually stronger than his brother, capable of busting straight through certain walls.

Princess Nikki Perle
Age: 17
Weapon: N/A
Home: Metaledelstein Castle
The crowned princess of Metalgem Island, Nikki was unprepared for the coup organized by the mysterious Lord Xavgold.

Lord Xavgold
Age: ???
Weapon: Unknown, Possibly various swords
Home: Unknown, currently residing in Metaleldstien Castle
The mysterious organizer of the coup. Just what is it that he's after?

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